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A man, a kitten, and a truck.

When Errand Frazier found a kitten trapped in his truck,
he made the right choice.

Vero Beach native Errand Frazier was fishing when he heard the cry of a kitten near his truck. He was intrigued, especially because he had heard and seen evidence of an animal, possibly a kitten, hiding in the woods near his home. What a coincidence, he thought.


Thanks, Errand, for your extraordinary efforts to save the life of a kitten. Since this story broke, many people have contacted us asking what they could do to help you chipping in to repair your truck and (if enough money gets collected) to set up a special emergency fund for animals.

We are pleased to report that their efforts have raised enough to make the needed repairs AND enable us to establish a modest fund in your name that can be used when extraordinary efforts are required to save an animal's life.

Animal friends can still help as we work together to save more lives. You can make a donation from our Secure Server by clicking here. To make certain your gift is properly recorded, when asked the purpose of your gift, be sure to specify "The Kitty Truck Fund."


But, when he moved to a new fishing spot, the crying kitty could still be heard. That's when he started checking more closely. First, he opened a small hole in the side panel of his truck and saw eyes peering back at him. "I had some sheet metal shears behind the seat of my truck, so I started cutting a hole and peeling back the metal. Sure enough, there was a kitten in there."

Frazier made a bee-line for the Humane Society's 77th Street facility where he was greeted by shelter staffers who eagerly helped pull the fear-struck feline from the truck's side-wall cavity.

"What a relief," said Frazier. "Fortunately, I had taken her to the right place because the Humane Society has the facilities to help in a situation like this one."

Within a week, the kitten, now known as Megan, had recovered from her ordeal and was already adopted, headed to a new "forever" home where she will be adored by two teenaged girls, However, before she left the Shelter, Errand had a reunion with the kitten he saved from a horrible fate.

"You can't believe how good it feels to have helped little Megan," explains Mr. Frazier. "Believe me, I would chop my truck into a million pieces if that's what it took to save an animal's life."

So many people have responded that we have already raised the funds needed to repair Errand's truck. At present, donations to Errand's "Kitty Truck Fund" are being earmarked to help animals in crisis situations. You can participate as well. For details, see the sidebar story in the column on the left.


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