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Sienna's Journey of Hope and Love

Sienna’s story is one that touched many hearts and brought smiles to countless faces. On February 10th, 2024, Animal Control found Sienna, a very pregnant stray, and brought her to our shelter. She was in dire need of rest and care, and our team quickly discovered that she was also heartworm positive. Despite this challenging diagnosis, Sienna’s resilience shone through. Shortly after arriving to the shelter, she gave birth to five healthy puppies. Our team provided the care she needed, and eight weeks later, we hosted our first-ever Puppy Yoga event. All five puppies found loving homes very quickly, while Sienna stayed behind and waited patiently for someone to give her a place to call home.

Finally, on July 5th, Sienna met someone who would change her life. It was a match made in heaven, and Sienna was officially adopted into a loving home. The joy of seeing Sienna finally get her second chance was indescribable.

Sienna’s journey from a stray on the streets to a beloved family member would not have been possible without the dedication and support of our incredible community. From rescuing Sienna, providing essential veterinary care, and supporting her through heartworm treatment, every step was crucial in giving her and her puppies a brighter future.

Let’s continue to make these stories possible for other homeless animals. Your support and generosity provide second chances and create heartwarming tales like Sienna’s. Together, we can bring hope and happiness to many more animals in need.