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Keeping Pets & People

Pets are Family, and Families Belong Together. Families who are struggling to care for their beloved pets may think surrendering them to a shelter is the only option available during difficult times. We never want to see a family face that decision when there may be alternatives available. Our Pawsitive Impact program – supports struggling pet owners with resources and referrals that can help them keep their pets at home where they belong.

Pet Support Services

Pet owners can access pet support services, including housing, medical and behavioral support, as well as food and supplies, to help keep the human-animal family together.

Lost Pet Reunification

We operate a lost pet reunification service to successfully get most roaming pets home without them having to enter the shelter system. Lost your pet? We can help!

Supported Pet Rehoming

Pet owners who can no longer keep their pets are given the tools to safely and quickly rehome their own pets with ongoing support from shelter staff or volunteers.

Our Pawsitive Impact in 2023

We make a difference every single day to pets and the people who love them.

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Adopted Animals
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Caring for Animals, Inspiring Communities.
Programs & Services
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Save a life today and add to your family. Your new best friend awaits!

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Wildlife Rescue

Have you have found an injured animal, but don’t know what to do next?

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Pet Care Clinic

Providing high-quality medical care for dogs and cats at affordable prices.

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Pet Help

Committed to helping families keep their pets at home.

Found a Wild Animal?

Many baby birds that are found on the ground are supposed to be there. However, if you find a featherless, downy, or incompletely feathered bird, it will need your help. If the bird appears uninjured, the best chance of survival is it is returned to the nest. Learn more…

Wild baby bunnies are most often not orphaned! The best thing you can do is put the bunny right back where you found him, in the general area, as the mom will only come back at night to call and find him. Leave the area. If you find a baby with eyes open, and he appears healthy, leave them be. Learn more…

Just like birds, young squirrels often fall out of their next and do not always need to be rescued. If a juvenile squirrel continuously approaches and follows people, her mom is probably gone.

If the baby and/or his nest fell from the tree today, give the mother squirrel a chance to reclaim her young and relocate him to a new nest. If the baby is uninjured, leave him where he is, leave the area, keep people and pets away and monitor him from a safe distance. Learn more…

Both turtles and tortoises are never considered orphaned because they hatch alone and are able to forage on their own. If you find one, leave it alone. If helping cross the road, safely place the reptiles on the side they are attempting to cross. Learn more…

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Our Partners

The Humane Society of Vero Beach & Indian River County is proud to work with community partners to provide the best possible outcomes for our animals. From companies that support the programs we offer, to foundations that provide grant funding to run them, to individuals who donate time, talent and money to make an ongoing contribution, we are grateful for their support and commitment to animals.