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Cultivating Philanthropy

You’re Pawsitively Making a Difference

The Humane Society of Vero Beach & Indian River County is vital in advancing animal welfare and meeting community needs, but achieving its mission depends heavily on financial support from generous donors. You as a board member are pivotal in this context, as you help guide strategic directions, ensure financial stability, and foster relationships with stakeholders. Your commitment to adopting and promoting philanthropic strategies is essential for cultivating a culture of giving, crucial for the organization’s long-term sustainability and impact.

Our mission to strengthen the human-animal bond through protecting, advocating, and caring for animals depends critically on our ability to inspire generosity among our supporters. Here’s how we can achieve this together:

Lead by Giving

Demonstrate your commitment through personal contributions. Your leadership in giving is powerful, setting a standard and encouraging others within our community to contribute. Together, we can inspire a culture of generosity and support for our mission.

Engage with Donors

As an ambassador, your personal engagement in strengthening relationships with donors is crucial. Writing personalized thank-you notes and making phone calls to express our gratitude will significantly enhance our connections and show our appreciation.

Champion Fundraising Events

Harness the power of your networks and take an active role in planning and facilitating your own fundraising efforts such as Designer Shoe Drives, Restaurant Partnerships, and House Party Fundraisers. These events are crucial for raising both funds and awareness. 

Communicate Our Impact

Utilize your networks an show how each donation contributes to our cause. Share stories of the animals we’ve helped and the advancements we’re making in animal welfare through email and social media. Make our donors feel directly connected to our successes.

What You Can Do This Month

This month, I challenge each of you to leverage your connections and invite key members of your network to a tour of our shelter. This is a unique opportunity to provide an inside look at the impactful work we do and the lives we touch every day. By hosting these tours, you’ll help to deepen the understanding and commitment of potential donors and community leaders, paving the way for increased support and advocacy for our mission. Let’s use this initiative to expand our circle and strengthen our efforts in animal welfare.

Board Survey

Please complete this survey to uncover interests as a board member you are most passionate about.

Talking Points

Explore our talking points to better understand and communicate the key aspects of our mission.

Impact Report

Check out our impact report to see how your support is making a difference in the lives of animals.

Our Events

Check out our calendar of upcoming events to see how you can get involved and make a difference.

Our Mission

To strengthen the human-animal bond through protecting, advocating, and caring for animals.

Our Vision

A better community for animals and the people that love them.