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Cat & Dog Microchipping

Get Your Dog or Cat Microchipped

A microchipped pet is a safe pet.

It only takes a split second for your dog or cat to slip away. One in three pets will become lost during their lifetime and without proper ID, 90% will never return home. A microchip offers the security of a permanent, up-to-date identification tag for your pet by encoding a unique ID number to help reunite lost pets with their owners. Microchips have helped reunite millions of animals with their owners quickly and safely without the worry if their collar and tags have fallen off.

Avoid having your dog or cat among the thousands of unidentified lost strays that end up at HSVB each year. Our Animal Wellness Clinic offers Indian River County pet owners affordable cat and dog microchipping.

Microchipping your pet costs only $15. Learn more about spay/neuter, vaccines, and flea and heartworm services.


Pet microchips are implanted just beneath the skin and registered with owner information. Chips are read using an electronic scanner. Animal Control officers carry pet microchip scanners, so they can identify registered lost dogs and cats immediately, in an effort to keep them out of the animal shelter and get them back to their families immediately.

Dogs and cats are also scanned for pet microchips upon arrival at the HSVB animal shelter. If a pet microchip is detected, the animal shelter staff retrieves the owner’s information from the pet microchip manufacturer and attempts to contact the owner.

Microchipping your pet at HSVB costs $15.

Pet microchips are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call 772-388-0801 to make an appointment.

No. Pet microchips do not allow for the tracking of your dog or cat. When scanned, they provide owner contact information.

Microchips can provide your dog or cat with his or her best opportunity for a happy return home. 

Cat and dog microchips ARE NOT effective if the ownership information is not kept current. When your information, such as phone number or home address, changes, please contact your pet microchip company to update your information. Usually updates can be made easily online.

Contact information on the major pet microchip companies is listed below. As of 2016, The Animal Foundation uses Found Animals brand pet microchips (prior to this, we used Save This Life and Home Again brand pet microchips).

Found Animals
Save This Life – 855.777.CHIP (877-777-2447)
Home Again –888.466.3242
AKC Reunite – 800.252.7894
PetLink – 877.PETLINK (877.738.5465)

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