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Keeping People and Pets Together

The rise in food prices has not only affected human households but also pet households. Pet food is not immune to the trend of rising costs, and this has put a strain on many pet owners who are struggling to make ends meet. As a result, more and more pet owners are reaching out for help in feeding their pets.

At HSVB, we understand the importance of keeping families together, and this includes our four-legged family members. That is why we created our Pawsitive Impact Program, which is designed to help families who are struggling to care for their pets. We believe that pets are not just animals, but they are also members of the family and deserve the best care possible.

Our Outreach Coordinator, Julio, recently reached out to Chewy, a leading online retailer of pet products, for a donation of pet food. We were thrilled to receive more than 22 pallets, equivalent to 35,000 pounds, of cat food from Chewy. This generous donation will help us continue to assist families who are struggling to feed their pets due to the rising cost of pet food.

In partnership with For The Love of Paws organization, HSVB was able to distribute thousands of pounds of cat food to those in need in our community. We are grateful for the support of organizations like Chewy, which helps us to fulfill our mission of making life better for pets and families in our community.

As a non-profit organization, HSVB depends on the support of individuals and organizations to continue our mission. If you would like to support our Pawsitive Impact Program, you can make a donation or volunteer your time. Together, we can help keep families, including our furry family members, together.