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Make a Difference in the Lives of Animals Today!

Monthly Gifts help us every day of the year!

Do you love animals? Want to make a difference in their lives in a truly meaningful way? Here at our Animal Shelter, we believe every animal deserves a chance at love, and you can play an integral role in this noble cause. By becoming a monthly donor, you’ll be providing steady, reliable support that helps us ensure animals in our care get the love, attention, and life-saving care they need.

Join the dedicated group of animal lovers who are making an impact by becoming monthly donors. Together, we can make a difference.

Why Become a Monthly Donor?

  • Monthly donations provide a predictable source of income we can count on.
  • Spread your generosity over the year, allowing us to plan ahead.
  • Your donation is processed automatically, ensuring a seamless giving experience. 

Benefits of Becoming a Monthly Donor:

  • Easy and convenient way for you to save lives.
  • Eliminates check writing and the cost of a stamp.
  • Allows your donation to continue uninterrupted.
  • Allows your donation to be spread out over time.

Every month, your gift will go where it’s needed most—allowing HSVB to answer the urgent needs of our shelter pets. On average, it costs HSVB over $250 to prepare each pet for adoption. This cost includes a comprehensive medical exam, spay/neutering, microchipping, heartworm tests, vaccinations, and flea and tick preventives.

Becoming a monthly donor means you can make a substantial annual gift by breaking it down into manageable gifts that are processed automatically each month. It’s a powerful way to give.